Graph Maker for Free

Use the graph maker to turn your data into great visualizations

Use Folip's free graph maker to create perfect presentations. Bring your data and statistics to life! If you want to draw people's attention, you should give them some fruitful information. People should understand what all numbers and texts are in your data very easily. So start with charts for your next presentation.

Folip has many graphs that you can use for free. Are you a teacher or a manager? You can use them to explain your information no matter who you are. Want to start your first project? Let's follow the instructions step by step.

How to make a graph

  1. Sign in to your profile, or create a new account in seconds. As an alternative way, sign up with Facebook or Google.
  2. Dig inside our library to find the best graph template that suits your presentation. Move to the third step of the graph maker.
  3. Customize your graph, depending on your vision. Firstly, add more lines or bars. Then remove parts you don't need. Use relevant icons and enter your texts. Adjust fonts or colors. Finally, make sure all information is correct.
  4. If everything is perfect for you, save it. Send your coworkers via email or print it to use in your next meeting. If it is not private, share it on the brand's online networks.

Save your time with the graph maker

Folip has hundreds of graph templates created by our designer team. You can adjust one of them with only a few mouse clicks—no need to spend hours on design. Enter your texts, and you're done! Sure, you can start from scratch if you want to build your ideas. We want to save your time, but at the same time, we give different options based on our users' desires. You will save your time using the drag & drop feature to use a ready-made template or design with a blank page. No matter how our graph maker makes the design process easier and faster.

Use different charts

How can you make your presentation noticeable? Let's face reality. Nobody wants to hear or read boring data and statistics. The reason is that our brain can catch visual-based things with no effort. Your readers or listeners can focus with ease if you use various graphs: bar graphs, Venn diagrams, line graphs, histograms, and many more. Choose one or more styles from our designer-made templates.

You can make an impression in your workplace with small but influential additions. No more waiting! Making a graph is not challenging anymore, thanks to Folip's graph creator. Not only you can make graphs, but also a catchy presentation too.

Give our graph maker a change, and then you will never want to prepare your work without Folip.

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