Graduation Party Invitations Maker

Make free graduation party invitations online

You're about to graduate, and congratulations are in order. The long study hours finally paid off. Owing to that, you need to celebrate your graduation. A graduation party is an extraordinary occasion. So why not treat it like one? You're in luck because Folip's graduation party invitation maker does just that.

Instead of sending out a simple text, make your own graduation announcements that your loved ones will never forget. Creating custom graduation party invitations is easy and quick using Folip. As a result, being your own graduation flyer designer is so fun! Simply choose from thousands of free printable graduation templates of Folip and customize them straightaway.

Additionally, Folip's graduation invitation maker has many cool features. All of which can make your DIY graduation announcements look more professional. Not only will your grad party invites look top-tier, but you'll have an excellent time designing. With free images, illustrations, font types, colors, and icons to use, you won't want to stop creating.

How to make custom graduation party invitations

  1. To begin, log into your Folip account. Ops. Haven't signed up yet? Don't panic. Sign up with Folip.
  2. Next, choose an invitation template that you want to customize. Folip has over a thousand invitation templates to choose from so take a moment to look through your options. Find your own graduation party invitation to customize.
  3. Got an invitation template you're happy with? Perfect. Personalize your template as to how you want it. Add pictures of your favorite college memories, or choose any of our images. Add text using different font types and change the colors.
  4. After you're happy with your graduation design, save and download it.

Make fun and quick printable graduation party invitations

You'll have a professional-looking design within minutes whenever you use Folip. Design with ease whenever and wherever you are. Because of it's easy to drag and drop tool, designing with Folip is lots of fun. Additionally, you don't have to wait until you have a ready to print design. Bring some excitement to your design using cool illustrations and icons. After all, this is a celebration!

Never stop designing

Folip isn't just an invitation maker where you make your own graduation invitations. It's also a design platform with endless templates like social media posts and work-related templates that you can personalize too. Never let your loved ones or your clients lose track of what you're doing by always keeping them in the loop.

Don't miss out on all the fun. Sign up with Folip today!