Create Printable Gift Tags

Use Folip's tag creator for the perfect printable gift tags

The best way to wrap up a heartfelt gift is with a personal gift tag message. 'Happy birthday' or 'wishing you a happy marriage' would suffice, but they're not sentimental. Show your loved ones how extra special they are with personalized gift tags. With Folip, you can create printable gift tags in minutes. In our media library, you will find free gift tag templates that are quick and easy to personalize. You don't even have to know the perfect gift tag outline because Folip has that covered. Simply choose a gift card template and make it your own. By using our drag and drop tool, you can add cool graphics, stunning images, and bold text to create an incredible design.

How to make printable gift tags

  1. First things first, log into your Folip account or sign up. Signing up with Folip takes no more than seconds, and it's absolutely free of charge.
  2. Now that you've signed up go through our gift tag template library and see what options we have for you. Whether you're making a tag for a birthday, wedding, or anniversary, there are many editable gift tags to choose from.
  3. Once you've got the desired tag, get to work by customizing it. Gift tags are meant to be personal, so why not make them so? Import your images (or choose any of our own) and write heartfelt messages using our font types.
  4. Happy with your gift tag design? Perfect! Save your printable gift tags design and send it straight to the printer.

Look like a pro

You can use all professionally designed templates in Folip and create perfect gift tags. Custom printable gift tags made easy now. Professionals created our tag maker, and that's why any of your custom tags will look professionally made.

Design in just minutes

Forget about lengthy courses or long hours of designing. In Folip, you can make free gift tags in just minutes. How? With our drag and drop tool, that's simple to use by anyone.

Share your designs how you like

Do you want to send your wedding seating chart design via email or through the mail? Or maybe even both? You can do it right away. Send your design directly through email or send it to the printer and head straight to the post office.

Make as many printable gift tags possible

Folip provides various elements to make designing faster. This is why you can make countless tags from our free printable tags- perfect for the holidays. Make custom gift tags for everyone at Christmas or Thanksgiving without any extra costs. If you love the idea of this, why not share Folip with some loved one right away? Get started today; we're just a click away.