Gift Certificate Maker

Gift Certificate Maker

Create amazing certificates with Folip's gift certificate maker for free

There are so many days in the year that are perfect for gift giving. Whether you're a small or big business offering products or services, these special days can work wonders for you. So many people are clueless when it comes to gift-giving, so why not be a lifesaver? Create custom gift certificates for your customers.

Gift certificates are outstanding for both your customers and your business too. Gift vouchers are perfect because they take off the stress of trying to get a great gift. No dad wants to receive the same pair of socks every year. That's where your business comes in and saves the day.

Forget about hiring an expensive designer and create your own gift certificates with minutes. With Folip, you don't need any design skills to look like a professional with its easy gift certificate maker tool. Folip has over a hundred gift voucher templates that will be perfect for you.

Making your own gift certificate with Folip

  1. Log into your Folip account to begin. Haven't signed up yet? Sign up here.
  2. Once you've signed in, choose a gift card template of your choice. Folip’s certificate template library has over a thousand printable gift certificates that have been designed by professionals. Just tweak a few things and a personalized gift certificate.
  3. Customize. Explore Folip's extensive library and make the gift certificate your own. Add your own images or choose any of your favorites from the Folip’s library. You can personalize your design by trying different font types, adding illustrations and icons that suit your gift certificate's purpose.
  4. Happy with your final design? Great! Save your work.

Design with joy

Anything that you hand out to customers presents your brand. Your business card, flyers, posters, and even your social media represent you. Gift certificates represent your brand, too, because they have all your brand information, so you need a gift card certificate that accurately reflects your brand.

Never stop creating

The fantastic thing about Folip is that there is so much you can design. Folip is a free digital platform that offers free templates for just about anything you can think of. Design invitation cards, make book covers, Gift Certificate, and posters from central place whenever you like, and save them all safely.

Sign up with Folip today and start creating!