Flashcard Maker for Free

Fun and informative learning with Folip's flashcard maker

Whether you're tutoring a preschooler or studying for an upcoming exam in college, nothing's more effective than flashcards are. They're easy to make with Folip's flashcard maker, and you don't need to have any experience.

Making flashcards is a great way to prep and recall anything without feeling bombarded with a lot of information because they're straight-forward. Also, there are plenty of ways to make flashcards much more exciting to use. With flashcard maker, you can add images to your answers, some graphics, or even doodles to make it much easier to remember the answer. You can do all of this in Folip.

Our flashcard maker is jam-packed with fully designed flashcard templates that you can customize as you like. You can create digital flashcards that you and your friends could use for your study group or print them out.

How to make flashcards online

  1. To get started with flashcard maker, log into your Folip account. Don't have a Folip account yet? That's alright. Simply sign up here.
  2. Once you're all signed up, go to our flashcard maker and browse through our pre-designed flashcards. Folip's template library has ready designs perfect for every subject and study level. After you've scrolled through, pick a template you think will be perfect.
  3. After you've chosen a flashcard template, customize it in whichever you like. Folip's media library allows you to choose from many images, graphics, icons, and text to make your flashcards unique. Have some cool drawings you made that you think might be perfect? Great. Why not send them to Folip and use them whenever you like.
  4. Happy with your cool online flashcards? Perfect. Hit the save button and get ready to have ample time studying.

Choose your format with the Flashcard maker

It's very simple to use Folip because you can use your designs however you like. Do you want to create online flashcards or have them printed out? Perfect. You can have it either way. Or both. Use flashcard maker to design easily.

Make as many flashcards as you want

You won't have to pay extra to make flashcards online with Folip. With no limit and zero budget, you can design anything. Choose from the well-designed templates, save time and money while designing.

Never stop designing

Folip's flashcard maker isn't just great but so much more than that. Design social media posts, email invites, posters, and even comic strips. There's a place for every kind of creator here at Folip. So don't just share it with your friends, but tell your neighbors, granny, or even the next bride-to-know. You never know who could need an excellent template maker.