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Facebook provides various opportunities for any business due to around 3 billion monthly active users. Thanks to Facebook Stories, you can double your brand's profit and visibility in a short time. Furthermore, you can engage with your target audience more effectively.

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How to create a Facebook Story

  1. Log into your Folip profile, or register for a new account, which takes seconds.
  2. Search for layouts from the stunning gallery to find a Facebook story that suits your product—or for whatever you need. You will see many great templates created by designers. Pick your favorite one.
  3. Customization is the most fun step for everyone. Try what you want; hone your creativity. Don't be afraid to make mistakes because everything can be edited. Change backgrounds, colors, icons, and more. Add your image and text.
  4. Are you happy with your design? Save it. Download your story in high-resolution format. Then, upload your page.

Boost your business with Facebook Stories

Facebook is the perfect network for any business. With one-click, you can get your products and brand displayed to the whole network. Easily define your target audience so that your ads appear for them. You can double your sales with a small budget and with smart usage of social media features like Facebook stories. Besides, only money is not enough to get results. It would help if you also had eye-catching Facebook Story designs. We know expenses can be a big concern for small businesses. Hey, many big brands have started small overcome the same obstacles. That's the reason we want to support your business, and you should join our design world.

No design skills needed

Thanks to new digital technologies, you can create various great designs with no effort. Folip, one of the best design tools, provides the whole technical section for free. Best of all, you can make stories without watching any designing tutorials on Google.

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