Facebook Cover Maker

Facebook Cover Maker

Create a Facebook Cover in 4 easy steps

While a stunning facebook picture will get you the right attention, a great Facebook cover will complete your whole profile. In this generation, Facebook is almost a necessity and is continuously being used worldwide.

Whether your Facebook account is for personal use or business use, you have to use all of its beautiful features- facebook covers included. Facebook covers add more depth to your profile. They tell your friends (and potential clients) what your business or page is all about.

An attractive and trendy facebook cover shouldn't just be for professional users, but everyone else on the platform. The point of social media is keeping our friends and families up to date with our lives, and your FB cover needs an update every now and then. You wouldn't just post one picture and leave at it, so why stick to the same cover for years?

Many of these Facebook covers can get generic so forget about posting your favorite celebrity as your Facebook cover and design your own. You can make easy facebook covers with Folip from your mobile phone! Or you can create one from your tablet or desktop- whichever device you prefer to use. With Folip, you don't need any advanced graphic design skills to create Facebook covers. A Folip account and a few minutes will suffice.

How to create a Facebook cover

  1. Step one: Log into your Folip account. Haven't you got one yet? Create a Folip account in seconds here.
  2. Once you've gotten into your Folip account, choose the Facebook cover template from the template's menu. Once you've opened the Facebook cover templates, you'll see two different layouts- a blank template and a series of predesigned Facebook covers.
  3. Customize your Facebook cover. Depending on what Facebook cover layout you decide to use, you can make it more 'you' with all Folips tools. With an extensive collection of free images, icons, and illustrations, you can make a Facebook cover that suits your style.
  4. Have one last look and if you love your design, click save!

Try out different templates

The fantastic thing about Folip is that the possibilities are endless. With loads of templates to choose from, deciding which one can be hard. So why limit yourself to just one design? You can try so many different styles with Folip, and you can never run out of new templates. The only thing you'll have to decide is how often to change your Facebook cover.

Create different designs all in one place

If you thought Folips Facebook cover templates were terrific, wait until you see the other templates. You can make invitation cards, Instagram and Facebook story templates, flyers, and poster templates as well. If you have a social media presence on a couple of platforms, having a theme can help your audience identify you easier. By creating and saving all your creations in one place, creating matching designs will be a walk in the park.

Stay on trend

Folip templates are created by professionals who are up to date with all the latest design trends. With different design styles to choose from, creating a Facebook cover can't be more fun.

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