Facebook Ad Maker

Facebook Ad Maker

Grow your online engagement with Folip's Facebook ad maker

Facebook isn't just a place to stay in touch with our loved ones (or stalk our crushes). But it's also a great platform to skyrocket your business through Facebook advertising. How? By using Facebook ads! It's so easy to design with a Facebook ad maker.

Making ads can be tricky. Especially when ad designing skills aren't in your back pocket. However, you don't have to figure it out alone. Avoid making boring ads that everyone wants to skip by creating ads with a Facebook ad maker designed by professionals.

Look no further, let Folip help you make Facebook ads that reel in customers. With Folip's Facebook ad maker, you don't have to consider hiring a designer. In a few easy steps, you can create Facebook ads with Folip in just a few minutes. Here's how;

How to create Facebook ads

  1. To begin, log into your Folip account? Only have a Facebook account? Great. But now you need to sign with Folip as well.
  2. All signed in? Perfect. Go through Folip's ad creator templates and browse through a variety of Facebook ads.
  3. Choose a template and customize it. Upload your own images and include a great call to action. Be your own designer, add illustrations and icons to make your Facebook ad design more exciting.
  4. All done and happy? Save and download your Facebook ad! Congratulations. You used Folip's ad maker like a pro!

Save time with Folip's Facebook ad maker

Folip's Facebook ad creator isn't just easy to use, it's quick too. In just a few minutes, you can have an awesome ad that will boost your engagement. Advertising on Facebook has never been easier- and faster before. All thanks to Folip's Facebook ad maker which was designed for you.

Make the most of Facebook advertisements

Folip's Facebook ad maker is just quick to use but it understands what you need. With Facebook's 80% and 20% rules, you need to design your ad correctly. Your image counts for more than half of your FB ad so use quality images. Have a look at our advertisement maker library and pick quality images. Additionally, the 20% text space matters too. Use cool and bold font types to create an awesome Facebook ad.

Be your own designer

Advertising with Facebook works so well that you'll more than likely make more than one. We don't blame you. More importantly, you don't have to spend money every time you design. Because of this, we made sure to create an easy to use Facebook ad maker that is free of charge.

On a final note, sign up with Folip and use our Facebook ads maker today!