Email Invitations Maker

Design email invitations with Folip's free evite maker

Have a long-awaited event that you want to make get others excited about? We bet you do, and we know exactly how to help. The start of a great event is an enticing invitation. You can send this through the mail or do it in seconds using email invitations.

Sending email invitations is a great option because your invitation arrives just as far as it's sent. That's undoubtedly excellent news. However, boring email invitations can easily end up in the spam or get completely ignored. How can you avoid that? By creating an eye-catching email invite. Not only it will get your receivers' attention but also will attract them to attend your event.

Let's be honest. It sounds like so much pressure-especially if you're not a great designer. Relax, because you don't have to be a designer to use Folip. With a few easy tools, you can create free online invitations. You'll have unique online invitations that will make a massive statement in just have a few minutes.

How to create email invitations using Folip

  1. The first thing to create fantastic free evites is to log into your Folip account. If you don't have a Folip account yet, sign up here.
  2. Once you're signed in, look through Folip's email invitation templates to choose one that works best for you. Are you organizing brunch with the girls? Or perhaps a surprise birthday party for your parents? Regardless of the occasion, you can find e-invitations that are perfect for you.
  3. Creating invitations online wouldn't be ideal if you couldn't customize them! Upload your pictures to Folip and use them any time you design. Write powerful messages using bold font choices.
  4. Great job! Finally, save your work and hit send.

Design incredible email invitations

High-quality pictures, different fonts, and colors are ingredients to fabulous digital invitations. Also, put the cherry on top with illustrations, icons, and gifs. Our professionally designed templates are here to guide you. The real designer here is you.

Never break the bank

If you're sending out email invitations, that means you're planning an event that costs money. Because of that, Folip allows you to create evites free of charge, so you don't have to worry about design costs anymore. Folip saves time and money for you.

Do it all at once

No, we're not talking about multitasking. We just mean that can you can start from scratch and be done entirely, only in one go. As soon as you're done making your email invitations, you can save them to our device or send them with email directly. How awesome is that?

Your first impression makes a lasting one. Make a statement with your email invitations using Folip. Sign up today.