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Make easy & Free ecards using Folip’s online card maker

It's that time of year again when there are so many special holidays approaching-from Thanksgiving to Christmas and all the birthdays and anniversaries in between. A heartfelt card is always the cherry on the top for any occasion, making your own e-card even more special. You don't even have to go to the store. Just use Folip’s free ecard maker and create ecards from your couch!

Forget about rushing to the store for generic cards and make something special. Create custom greeting cards that don't feel like an afterthought. You can now create beautiful birthday cards and heartfelt mothers' day cards online for free.

You don't need to be a professional when you design with Folip. A little creativity goes a long way because Folip’s greeting card maker has got the rest covered. Folip's extensive library has free printable greeting card templates that are perfect for any occasion.

How to make free ecards to print with Folip

  1. Log into our Folip account. What? Haven't signed up yet? What are you waiting for? Get signed up here.
  2. Welcome to your Folip account. Now that you've signed in choose any greeting card template to begin. Folip’s free ecards have been designed by professionals who know the A-Z of the latest graphic design trends. Don't worry about looking old-fashioned. Make an e-card with Folip and look like a pro.
  3. Customize your ecard. Once you've chosen a free printable e-card template, make it your own. Are you creating fun graduation cards for your best friends? Upload your group pictures to make them more personal! Maybe you're designing a happy birthday card for your cool little brother; throw in some incredible illustrations to create a card he will love.
  4. Once done, hit save. Congrats! You just made free printable cards like a pro!

Design like a pro

With Folip’s ecard templates, you can create the perfect printable cards that look top tier. Using Folip’s library of high-resolution images, fantastic font types, and illustrations, you can make free printable cards that your family members will fall in love with.

Save money

Showing your love and affection to the people you love doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Using Folip’s free ecard maker, you can create stunning greeting cards like happy fathers' days, anniversary cards, and birthdays for free!

Let your loved ones know how much you care about them with a touching ecard today. Just sign up with Folip to start.