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Release Your Dream Book with Folip's eBook Creator

Would you like to release your dream book to share worldwide? Folip's eBook creator can help you get a stunning one.

We know dealing with publishers is tough, and it takes days or even months. Don't you think it is your time to shine like bestselling authors? We want to support you! Let's self-publish your dream book by getting help from Folip's free eBook creator.

Is to be a novel author of your life desire? Or do you planning to share your marketing content? Maybe, you want to supply information with an eBook for your mathematic students. Whether you like it for any reason, it is straightforward to make your eBook on Folip.

You will see creating an eBook has never been easier before! You can doubtlessly climb over all obstacles of the publishing process with Folip. Anyone who wants to build their author carrier, they can start right now!

Folip's user-friendly templates provide you to make a personal touch. You can create remarkable eBooks—no need for technical skills. Hey, don't miss this opportunity!

How to make an ebook using ebook creator

  1. Log in to your Folip account or register here quickly. You can use Folip's tools from any device. It is also 24/7 accessible.
  2. Choose an eBook Template from our library designed by a professional team. Dig with relevant keywords in the search bar, and then you will see various fabulous eBook templates. These significant designs make you exciting. Straightaway, you want to jump on the design part.
  3. Here is the most pleasurable step for every non-designer: Customize the template that fits your content best with Folip's easy-to-use features. Change colors, add images, resize text! Everything has minimal effort with the Folip's drag and drop tools.
  4. Save and share with potential readers. You always have a printing option too.

EBook creator provides multi-page templates

Except for the cover, a well-designed eBook should also have a foreword and author biography pages. You can create your eBook with Folip's multi-page templates. Entirely, you have everything on Folip that you need.

Create your eBook with the best cover

The readers will judge the book by its cover, as they always do. So you should consider a brilliant cover for the first impression. Anyway, make sure the cover represents your content. Whether your eBook is novel or about marketing, Folip has the best eBook templates that suit your content. You can use our free eBook creator with zero design knowledge.

Grow your business with eBook creator

EBooks are the wisely way to expand networks, which helps you to grow your business. You can show the readers how you are successful in your work. Moreover, marketers use eBooks to collect potential customers' emails. Everyone accepts that it is one of the best marketing materials to grow your business.

Have you already had an idea? Why are you waiting? Now, you can start your design with Folip's fully customizable eBook layouts.