Comic Strip Maker

Create Fantastic Comic Strips

With all the drawings and speech bubbles involved, making comic strips may seem complicated, but it's not. At least not with a great comic strip maker like Folip. In just a few steps, you can make your own comic strips that everyone would ask to get more of. How? Glad you asked.

How to become your own comic strip creator

  1. Log into your Folip account to start making your own comics. Ops. Not signed up with Folip yet? Sign up quickly here.
  2. Now that you're signed in, have a look at Folip's comic creator studio and browse through thousands of templates. Folips has comic templates for many scenarios so browse till you find the perfect one.
  3. Once you're confident with your comic template, become your own comic creator. Create a comic that's truly your own by personalizing your cartoon strips.
  4. Happy with your strip design? Save your design and download it.

Have fun while you design

Cartoon strips aren't just easy to make, but they're fun too. Do you love to sketch or make doodles all day? That's perfect. It doesn't matter if they're silly, goofy, or hilarious. The more unique they are, the better. Simply upload to Folip's editor and add them to your comic book template within seconds. (or minutes- depends on your internet connection). In just a few minutes, you'll have your custom comic book ready. All thanks to your creativity and a comic strip maker that wants you to shine.

Create with various features

Doodling and sketching may not be your best talents and that's fine. With Folip's comic-making software, you don't have to be a cartoonist. You also don't have to worry about your design skills because Folips there to help. Choose any of the free images in our media library to make an amazing comic strip.

Edit your comics in style

Folips comic strip maker doesn't just have cool cartoon strip templates but amazing features to make your design better. Pick the perfect frames to make your comic book much easier to read. Do you have talking pets or superhero vegetables? Add speech bubbles and let their voices be heard (or read). Try out different fonts and colors to add more excitement to your design.

So why not use Folip's free comic bookmaker to create a world you can share with others? In a word, sign up with Folip to get started today. We look forward to seeing what designs you make.