Christmas Cards Maker

Christmas Cards Maker

No need to be Santa Claus to give perfectly designed Christmas cards!

Let us tell you a fun way to create free Christmas cards. Use Folip's Christmas card maker to create incredible gifts in minutes for all your family.

Well… It's finally the best time of the year. Christmas! Streets, stores, restaurants are shining with amazing lights and pine trees. People have a big smile on their faces with excitement; because they wait for Christmas cards.

Making a Christmas card is very enjoyable apart from the other Christmas preparations, but it can become a tough job if you have so many family members. Hey, no need to push yourself. For that reason, we offer you Folip's easy and free to use design tools to take a short cut. Enjoy yourself life to the full in the Christmas holiday season.

How to make Christmas Cards online

  1. Get login to your Folip profile, or sign up here, which takes seconds.
  2. Check our Christmas Card Templates, which inspire you. Pick the most loved ones.
  3. Once you've selected your template, you can change as much as you want. Make it unique for each family member, such as using your photo. Customization is simple for everyone, even for non-designers too.
  4. Save. Whether you want to send by email, upload it to social media, or print, we have all the options you could want.

Make Christmas cards more personalized

Choose a Christmas card from our hundreds of fantastic templates. Step by step, make it unique with your personal touches. As an example, using a nice family photo will cheer up your grandparents. Uploading an image to Folip is easy with its drag and drop feature. Turn your memories into unforgettable cards.

Christmas Fonts

One of the lovely things about Christmas cards is surely Christmas Fonts that have a unique energy. It is a beautiful way to give the Christmas spirit! So, use Christmas fonts to make your card more elegant.

Be more creative

Traditional Christmas cards involve snow, trees, reindeers, elves, candles, and Santa images. Red, dark green, dark gold, and silver are the primary color of these designs. But who says you can't try new things? Let's combine retro and modern images at the same time. Think creatively.

Improve your brand's communication with Christmas cards

You can build strong relationships with clients, followers, and potential customers in various ways. Christmas is an excellent time to improve your brand's communication. Send your warm wishes to show your value by using customized Christmas cards with Folip's design tools. Feel free to try it.

Bonus tip: if you have accounts on social media for your business, you can provide some promotions to your followers in the Christmas season. It helps you increase your engagement. So, Try Folip's Facebook Cover Maker and Instagram Post Maker to share your Christmas advertising news.

Make your Christmas cards functional

Here is another brilliant way for businesses to create Christmas cards. Why don't you make it functional? Okay. Cards are excellent, but you can turn them into a coaster. Your client can use it until it becomes old.

Christmas Calendar

Maybe this year, you want to send different gifts. How is the Christmas calendar idea as a speacial gift? Your friends would love to keep it on their wall for one year. Folip provides you to create calendar too. Try now!

Sending custom Christmas cards is a different way to share your joy. Let's say ''ho ho ho!'' to your family in your style and spread the joy!