Card Maker

Create a Card to Show Your Greetings

Make a surprise to your love, friends, or family with your unique designed cards. Just go to search in templates and create your free greeting cards in minutes.

You can create fabulous cards from birthdays to Christmas holiday with Folip's free card maker. Cards are a memorable and fun way to show greetings to someone. Folip gives you the option that you can have e-cards or printable cards by using a card maker.

Folip will assist you in every step. It enables many features to customize as how you want. Each feature is simple, effortless, and free! You don't need graphic design skills; trust your creativity. Just drag and drop! Folip makes the designing easier for everyone.

Use the search bar for templates and choose one that you loved from Folip's professionally designed templates. You will see fabulous card templates and get inspired. Once you select a template, you can add your images to your design. If you plan to print out, make sure that you saved the image as high-resolution quality.

How to make a card

  1. Log in to your Folip account or sign up here quickly.
  2. Choose Card Templates from our library designed by a professional team. You can drag & drop items, change the colors, add a text, and edit the font. Ta-da! You've done your card.
  3. Customize a template with Folip's easy-to-use features.
  4. Save and send your friends by e-mail.

Design for your beloved ones with Folip's online card maker

Folip's card templates have a thousand kinds for many events like thank you cards, Valentine's cards, holiday cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards, etc. You can show your family how much you care about them with these fantastic cards. Sometimes it is the best way to tell your feelings with cards made and personalized explicitly by you. Everyone deserves to feel different.

Design the best e-cards for special days

Valentine's Day Cards: Choose a card template for starting to design your card to give a beloved one on Valentine's day. You can put some hot icons like red hearts, lips.

Christmas Cards: People love to take cards from their family -especially grandparents- during the Christmas holiday. You can make a special card with your Christmas sweater weaved by your grandma. You will find many cute Christmas icons in Folip's library.

Birthday Cards: You can create unforgettable memories with free greeting cards. Your friend would love to keep it forever and put it on the pinboard.

Mother's Day Cards: Best gift for your mother is a big hug and card that shows your deep love.

Random Cards: You don't have to design cards only for special days. You can give custom cards to make your friends or your lover happy. Every day is speacial for special people. Right now, start greeting cards online.

Give your best wishes

Don't forget to give your best wishes to your friend or family. You can write a few things on your card, like ''Congratulations,'' ''Happy New Year,'' ''Wishing you a wonderful and an amazing year.'' These wishes make a big smile on their face.