Calendar Maker

How Calendar Maker Help You to Be More Planned?

Did you forget to complete your task yesterday? Oh, that isn't nice! You should make your own calendar to keep in mind easier. Let us tell all of you a fun way to create a calendar. It's through Folip's calendar maker!

You can track your works on time with your unique calendar. Your teacher won't be angry at you because of the missing deadlines anymore. More else, your boss won't grumble to you, or you won't feel bad about the meeting you were late. If you have a personal calendar, you will be more planned in your daily life.

Folip offers you to create a calendar to boost your personal and business life. Meanwhile, you can have fun when you make a calendar. Cute icons, vectors, excellent colors cheer you up when you check your calendar. That is the thing to help you not to miss your works.

How to make a calendar

  1. Log in to your Folip account or sign up here in 1 minute. We strongly advise you to join us to create unique designs—no need to be a designer. It is also free!
  2. Choose a Calendar Template from Folip's library created by the most talented designers. There are great options for you. Just search with relevant keywords in the search bar.
  3. After your choice, you can start to have fun with your adjustable template. Take and enjoy your time. Change many things as much you want on the template with Folip's easy-to-use tools.
  4. Save, download to use, or print to hang your pinboard. You can have in JPEG, PNG, or PDF formats.

Different images for each month

It is a brilliant idea to use your dog or cat's different images for each month on your calendar. Further, you can edit how you want with Folip's tools. Now, I'll tell you the best thing: It's free to use for everyone! Yay!

Create monthly, weekly, daily plans with calendar maker

Which one calendar is useful for you? Think about it. Maybe, you don't need a weekly one. But If you have a busy business life, we recommend you to use all kinds of them.

- Every beginning of the month, write your tasks on your calendar.

- Every Monday, try to remember that week's works. Then, make a list on your paper.

- Every morning, have a delicious black coffee and write what you should finish that day.

You can track all your works monthly, weekly, and daily. No, they are not intimidating! They will improve you to be more organized. And Folip has a lot of customizable calendars. Once you've picked one you liked, you can make it more personalized with editing tools in minutes.