Business Flyer Maker

Create custom and professional business flyers

If you're just starting your company, business flyers are going to be great for you. However, business cards are perfect for you anyway, even if your business isn't new. So how do you make one? By using Folip's business flyer maker, of course.

Folip is a free flyer maker that will make your flyer design feel like a breeze. With lots of fully-designed templates to pick from, it won't even feel like work. Browse through thousands of free business flyer templates and get inspired for a custom flyer design.

How to make a business flyer

  1. To begin, log into your Folip account. If you don't have a Folip account yet, sign up here.
  2. Once you've signed into your Folip account, explore Folip's business flyer designs on the templates page. Whether you're going for something fun or quirky or maybe sleek and professional, there's a perfect template for you.
  3. Select your favorite flyer template and personalize it. Add your logo, use your company's brand colors and font types to make it easily recognizable. Feel free to access any of our free images, graphics, and icons from our flyer maker to make your design more impressive.
  4. Once you're proud of your brand new design, hit save and get ready to print.

Make as many free flyers as you like

Folip's flyer maker is perfect because you don't need a budget. Just create one (or more) business flyers and print out as much as you need.

Take your work outside the office

We know what you're thinking. Wait, let us explain. Designing with Folip never feels like work because of how much it is. Imagine being able to take out your phone during your coffee break and making a design within minutes. With Folip's flyer, you can design anytime, anywhere.

Make a flyer that a professional would

Because professionals design the templates in Folip, all your creations will be just as fabulous. Just tweak the details to make it unique to your business, and you'll create a flyer that you're not afraid to show others.