Brochure Maker

All eyes on you with Folip's brochure maker!

Got an event, product, or service that you want people to know about? Or do you maybe have a brand and want to create more awareness? Well, you thought right, and you're in the right place. A brochure maker is what you need to create eye-catching brochures.

Brochures are great for businesses to inform people about a new product, service, or campaign. You can hand out brochures at various places (and events), and you have to make them stand out as brochure designers. And creating a classy brochure is not hard with a brochure maker. The best brochures, though small or medium in size, are loaded with information. They contain business names, addresses, offered services, and every bit of valuable information. Brochures are undoubtedly a great marketing strategy for any business and a fantastic opportunity to introduce a brand to a new audience and create brand awareness.

Ops. I think we lost you at the brochure designer. What's impressive with Folips brochure maker is that you don't have to be a professional. A degree in design and expertise in brochure making is not a requirement. All you need is a great online brochure maker- Folip and a few minutes.

How to make a brochure online

  1. Log into your Folip account. You can log in from your desktop or cellphone at any time to get started. Don't have a Folip account yet? Not a problem. Sign up here.
  2. Once you're logged in, choose a brochure template. Folip has a wide range of free brochure templates, and we're confident that there's one perfect for you.
  3. Customize your brochure design. If you're confident in your design skills or give a swing at it, choose a blank brochure template. Add your pictures to personalize your brochure design or, better still, pick one or more from our photo library. If you prefer any of the ready templates, quickly switch it up and make it your own.
  4. Save your work. Congrats. You're done and dusted.

Design with confidence

With Folip, you're guaranteed to end up with designs that are creative and effective. Choose from the professionally created templates, and with the features like high-quality photographs, illustrations, icons that are updated with current design trends, and a brochure maker, you can do anything! You don't have to spend hours researching what's happening in the design world. Folip has that covered.

Ready to print designs in minutes

Folip values your time and has easy tools that make your work much easier. You don't have to spend hours brainstorming or going back and forth on designs. For zero costs, Folip is quick and easy to use. You will have a customized design in just a few minutes- your custom design that's ready to print.

Never stop designing with brochure maker

You'll never want to take a break if you design with Folip. It doesn't just end with making a brochure but much more. Folip offers so many templates from brochures to flyers and posters to social media posts too! Sounds too good to be accurate, but it is. Folip also has a library of images, emojis, and graphic designs that you can use to personalize your work. You can start very easily with Folip's brochure maker!

Want your marketing strategy to be top-notch? You definitely have to sign up with Folip.