Bridesmaid Invites Maker

Make stunning "Will you be my bridesmaid?" cards in Folip

True friendship is about being together through the sad days but also the happy ones. Your wedding day is unforgettable, and preparing for one is an emotional roller-coaster. Why don't you remind your girls how much they mean to you by bringing them on board with special bridesmaid invites?Plaster the words ' Will you be my maid of honor?' on a card that will be cherished forever. Depending on your and your girls' group dynamic, you can create a quirky card or something more elegant to set the mood. Asking bridesmaids cards are very thoughtful, and your special ladies wouldn't dare to let you down from that moment afterward. In fact, they'll start planning your bachelorette party right away!

Don't you know where to start? You can take a breath because Folip is so easy to use that you'll be speechless, especially after seeing the designs you can make. Folip works with an easy tool that you will make your bridesmaids' invitations design super easy!

How to create intimate bridesmaid invites with Folip

  1. Before you can start designing your 'be my bridesmaid cards', you need to log into your Folip account. If you don't have a Folip account yet, sign up here now.
  2. Once you have an active account, select any bridesmaid invitation template that catches your eye. Our library is loaded with hundreds of bridesmaid asking card templates that are fully designed and only need a few tweaking.
  3. Now, make your free printable bridesmaids' proposal more unique by personalizing your template. Add a lovely picture of you and your girls, or put a personal image for each bridesmaid on their bridesmaid invitation card.
  4. Your design is now ready to send, so save it and cross design making off your to-do list.

Design your bridesmaid requests like a pro

Surprise your friends with the professional 'will you be my maid of honor cards' that you made. No design skills, graphic designer on speed dial but just an effortless bridesmaid invites maker.

Set the mood with your design

Love a template but not the color? That's not a problem, and all you have to do is change it in a few steps. Change up the fonts and the graphics to create a design that more you.

Don't stop with bridesmaid invites

Folip is excellent for making free printable bridesmaid proposal cards, but that's not where it ends. Even after you've sent the last bridesmaid proposal, you can make place cards, name tags, and wedding invitation cards from Folip. Leave off from where you started each time and stick to your unique theme without going off track.

Share Folip with your girl group (aka your design group) and make your wedding preparations more smooth-sailing. All it takes is a click.