Printable Bookmarks Maker

Make printable bookmarks to start delightful from where you left off

Customizing makes everything unique and personal! We live in a world that mass production is speedy and everywhere. So sometimes we need things that are uniquely ours and specially designed. Like fancy printable bookmarks to use between pages of our favorite books.

If you are a bookworm who loves reading and doesn’t have the heart to fold any book pages purposely, bookmarks become irreplaceable. As we cannot stop using bookmarks and admire to use more, we look for bookmarks that carry something from ourselves. So that makes us happy every time we start reading from where we left off.

So how to create a printable bookmark that will make you feel peerless

  1. Log in or sign up on Folip quickly.
  2. Choose the bookmarks category and search your style in many templates created by a professional designers team.
  3. Start customizing fonts, colors, background, and add elements according to your content. Time to be creative! You can have some tips below while creating your bookmark.
  4. Save your design and download it in your preferred format.

Reflect your dream world to printable bookmarks

We read books and dream better. So why not reflect on the bookmarks? Imagine using a bookmark with clouds on it or having some eyes on the bookmark that looks inside the book. There is no limit to be creative! Add crazy icons, catchy texts, or photos from your gallery to make exciting bookmarks. You can keep where you left with funny images, motivational quotes, or great reminders.

Designing was never that easy

As Folip has ready-to-use templates, there is no need to worry about designing from scratch. Whether you know or do not know what you are looking for, just dive into Folip’s bookmark templates to pick the right design template. As you find the one, you can customize how you want it with the simplest steps.

Printable with different formats

You can save and download your bookmark in different formats. If you want to print it out, save as a “PDF,” so it will be ready to be printed. You can also arrange the size according to your book!

Bookmarks help to consolidate reading habits and keep them excited. Don’t give up creating crazy materials to use in your daily life. You can check out Folip’s all templates to make anything else you need.