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The Best Ways to Create Attractive Book Covers

Books are perfect power-ups for our imagination. It strengthens our fantasy world, accelerates personal growth, and unlock creativity. With carrying that so much importance, somehow, reading books became more challenging than before. Audiobooks, e-books, online articles, video content, and many different platforms make us selective to buy a book and spend time reading it. In that selective book buying process, every one of us judges the books by their covers. So you may be wondering and thinking about how could you create one that will attract readers and reflect the real content?

Creating a book cover is not something that you can underestimate. You should pay attention to a good design for your book cover as you’ve spent the same writing it. Designing seems hard, and book cover templates seem not easy to find; Folip provides you more than what you need with unlimited features. And free. So with a book cover generator, let’s see how you can create one?

How to make a book cover with Folip

  1. Log in or sign up on Folip quickly.
  2. Choose the book cover category and search your style in many templates created by a professional designers team.
  3. Start customizing fonts, colors, background, and add elements according to your content. Time to be creative! You can have some tips below while creating your lovely book cover.
  4. Save your design and download it in your preferred format.

Try a catchy title

You already wrote your book, it’s ready to publish, and you may even find a title. But it’s not satisfying for you? Then, start finding a new one immediately. A title is the first clue for your book. It needs to be meaningful. So, when people look at your book cover and see the fancy design, they can keep looking and wonder what is inside of it.

Include small details

You know what represents your story the best. Whatever your book type is, just try to add some symbols that will recall your story. Your novel’s protagonist can be wearing a red dress, and you may include it as an icon on your book cover design. Or if you wrote a personal development book, adding a motivational quote will make people very excited. Sometimes the details tell more than you’ve expected.

Be minimal with Book Cover Generator

Complexity is all fashioned. A complicated-looking book cover will only make your readers nervous. They will probably hesitate to read the title and not even consider buying it. Make them curious with a minimal design. Adding the title with big fonts, using a one-colored background, and a smartly selected color palette will help you to do that. You can easily get help from Folip’s templates. You can choose a template, customize it, or you can get inspired by one of the templates and just create your style.

As you are a wise writer, we believe you can apply the meaning of your words into Folip’s specially created designs too!