Birthday Cards Maker

Birthday Cards Maker

Create heart-warming birthday cards with Folip

A loved one's birthdays are coming up, and you're brainstorming for birthday gifts. Throwing in a birthday card is an excellent idea because you want your loved ones to know that you love them. While the shop bought birthday cards can be sweet and charming, custom made cards created by birthday card maker are even better.

The fantastic news is that you don't have to hire someone else to do it. You can make a birthday card right from your fingertips. How? So glad you asked. With Folips free custom birthday templates, you can create custom birthday cards at your convenience. Kiss goodbye store-bought birthday cards and make cards that are much more personal.

How do you do this? Follow this short guide to making birthday cards with Folip.

Design special cards with Folip's birthday card maker

  1. Log into your Folip account. If you aren't signed up with Folip yet, do so in these easy steps.
  2. Choose a birthday card template. Folip birthday card templates are suitable for every age and come in just about every format. To make use of your creativity, use a blank template, and design away. If you'd rather just dot down a message close to heart, browse through the Folip birthday templates and pick one that you like.
  3. Customize. Have fun with making the birthday card. Folip's library includes many fun features that you could use to make the design much more unique. Forget about generic cards and make this one really special.
  4. Save. Once you're done with your work and satisfied with your final design, save it.

Create designs that are close to your heart

Folip's birthday card maker not only allows you to use features from its extensive library but enables you to input your own. Import your images into Folip and make your designs that much personal. Personalize your work with fun icons and illustrations and set the mood using different font types.

Save more for later

Literally and metaphorically speaking! With this brilliant free birthday card creator, you're going to save some cash. Expressing love doesn't have to be expensive. Don't end with birthday card designs. There are many events in the year that are worthy of a custom card, and you can create these with Folip too. Wedding invitation cards, Christmas cards, Thank you cards, and many more can be designed easily with Folip.

Don't miss out on all the fun. Sign up with Folip today.