Bingo Card Generator

Use bingo card generator to make killer bingo cards

Bring your competitive side to play in a game night. It doesn't have to end in sweat and tears, but you can still have fun with bingo. If you don't have cards, why not make your own bingo cards with Folip's bingo card generator?

Folip's bingo card generator has lots of templates that you can choose from and customize as your own. Don't panic; you don't need professional designer skills to use Folip. A few minutes and Folip is all you need. Simply select a bingo template that you like, switch it up a bit, and you'll have custom bingo cards just like that. You can then immediately play bingo online with your friends or print out your cards directly from Folip's bingo generator.

How to create bingo cards

  1. Firstly, log into your Folip account. Oops. Couldn't sign in? Quickly sign up for Folip for free.
  2. Once you've signed in, go to the templates menu and get access to hundreds of free bingo card templates. Feel up for a challenge? Why not select a blank bingo template to customize. If you see a template that you think is perfect, pick that one instead.
  3. Now, personalize your template as you please. Pick from thousands of font types and colors to customize your template. Further, customize your template by adding graphics and icons from Folip's media library.
  4. When you think you've created your dream bingo board, save your design immediately.

Design with ease in Folip's bingo card generator

If you want professional designs but not enough skill set to start from scratch, you're in luck. Folip is the only tool you need to create outstanding designs.

Save money

Have you ever heard of the term 'cheap thrills'? We have, and that's what we believe at Folip. Having fun shouldn't cost you lots of money. You can make as many bingo cards in Folip's bingo card generator for free.

Use Folip for all your design needs

While Folip is an exceptional bingo card generator, you can use it to design so much more. From social media posts to business savvy invites, posters, and flyers, Folip's the perfect design tool.

Why not get started with Folip today? Also, share it with family and colleagues too.