Bar Graph Maker for Free

Use free bar graph maker to turn numbers into visualizing data

Create thoroughly bar graphs in 4 steps by using customizable templates. Try Folip's easy bar graph maker for free.

Several numbers and text on a screen can be hard-to-understand and boring for anyone who attends a presentation. You should make your data engaging by visualizing it with vertical or horizontal bar graphs. They help people to understand easily what something changes in your data after a while. You can create single, stacked, or clustered column bars depending on your vision. It is very easy with the bar graph maker.

Did you know that Folip's bar graph creator can make comprehensible graphs in minutes? Avoid cost-conscious tools to save your money and time. Our bar graph generator is easy and free to use. Have a try, and you will never worry about your next presentation.

Follow the instructions below to make a graph step by step.

How to make a bar graph

  1. Let's log into your Folip profile, or you can register here, which takes seconds.
  2. Get started with a ready-made template, so dig inside our library. Type bar graph templates on the search bar. Once you've found ones that suit your vision, pick them.
  3. Customize a chosen template by adding your data, changing colors, removing bars, and more. Categorize and color-code your data on the bar graph maker. Make sure all information is correct.
  4. When it's done, save your work. Share with your coworkers or download it to have a printed version.

No big changes needed

Our bar graph maker will help you customize ready-made templates with a few clicks. You don't need to make big changes while you are customizing. Only enter your data and statistics. Besides, you can also design something creative from scratch.

Use the bar graph maker for any necessity

Once you've finished your bar graphs, you can insert them into a presentation, an analysis report, an infographic, and many more. You can also use your graphs on social media platforms. Download them in a JPEG or PNG format to upload your accounts.

Make it your own

Add your brand's fonts, colors, and logo to make it your own. If you don't have a logo yet, you can get help from Folip's logo maker for free. Furthermore, when you use the right colors on your bar graphs, your presentation will be more eye-catching. Do you think defining the right colors is confusing? Check our color combination article, too.

With small but effective touches, you can stand out at your workplace. Always smile and look smart, so use our professional bar graphs to create valuable content. Go beyond monotonous data showcase and bring your data to life with colorful bar graphs. Instantly join Folip to use bar graph maker for free.