Background Maker for Free

Use free background maker to show your style even in the meetings

Are you ready to liven up your background in the meetings? Be the coolest guy in your company using the background maker for free.

The work culture is changing. Millions of people have been moving to a remote work-life style by 2020. Remote work has various pros and cons, but clearly, it influenced our vision. Now, you don't have to get stuck in traffic jams every day or commute long hours for a meeting. Joining online meetings from your home is the new normal and it's recurring every day. So to arrange your room with a nice background, you may even place your desk in front of your bookshelves. That will surely help but what if you want something more professional and catchy?

Nowadays, using a background for online meetings is a new trend. It makes your background look good and stay trendy. Make a background for your next meeting using Folip's free background maker. Wait! Why do you stop with one design? Create many scenes for different online conferences. Folip offers you hundreds of cool background designs for free. Sounds fun, but now sure how you can create one. Hey, no need for any design tutorials and big budgets! Our background creator is free to use.

Let us explain the whole design process with four steps.

How to make a background

  1. Log into your profile, or create a new account to start your project. As an alternative way, sign up for Folip with Facebook or Google.
  2. Search for templates by typing relevant keywords on Folip's background maker. Dig inside our library until you find the best ones. Then, go to the next step for background maker.
  3. Adjust your chosen background depending on your desire. Change colors and icons, and more. If you have your own image, upload it from your desktop to use in your background design.
  4. Voila! You've got your first background. Save it and then start creating again for a new one.

Use background maker anytime

You can use backgrounds not only in business but also in family or friend meetings. It will be so funny to use a background that looks like you are in Hawaii, but you are at home. Thanks to cool background designs, it creates a watercooler effect to start a hilarious conversation in the online meetings. Laugh guaranteed.

Folip allows you to make a background like how you want to customize it. We have a wide array of designs that you will love them. Start with one template and then keep your backgrounds unique with small touches.

Try our background maker, and you'll be amazed at the results.