Album Cover Maker

Album Cover Maker

Create the Coolest Album Cover with Folip's Free Design Tools

Let's hit the music charts! Why don't you release your album with a great album cover? You can have the coolest designs thanks to Folip's free album cover maker.

Maybe you are planning to share your new album on the music platforms, or you are a DJ that wants to upload your last set to SoundCloud or MixCloud. We know you need support for your new track. Especially at the beginning, promotion is hard without a budget. But Folip provides you to create free album cover! It allows not only album cover, but also tracks cover, podcast cover, or even for Spotify playlist cover too.

Folip's instructions are not complicated; it is easy-to-use for every design. Even if you haven't design anything before, you can create your album covers under minutes. Just complete the below steps incrementally to create your new cover.

How to make an album cover

  1. Log in to your Folip account or sign up here quickly.
  2. Choose an Album Cover Template from our library designed by a professional team.
  3. Customize a template with Folip's easy-to-use features.
  4. Save, download, and be hit.

Make unique your album cover

If you don't know how you should design your album art, you can get inspired from covers by professionally designed templates in Folip. We sure you will love one of them. However, you can also use your photo on these templates taken at your gig, or you can select a relevant image from Folip's comprehensive selection library.

Recall your tunes with a visual

You should create a cover that reflects your brand's background and music. Meanwhile, you should write your artist name, track name, and label name on your album front side. Would you want to use more information? Sure, you can add the other texts on the back of an album.

Just customize selected templates on how you want to see it. Folip helps you to create a stunning album cover with its time and being all free to use.

Hit the music charts

When you want to announce your new track, you will need an image to share on the music platforms. Otherwise, you can not hit on the charts without an album cover. It would be best if you were eye-cathing with your cover design. Also, covers help you to promote your tracks on social media. You can build your music communities with your unique music and excellent covers. Create an impact that your fans can recognize your albums with your rocking album covers.