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Start Using Free Ad Maker to Boost Your Business

Attracting customers is not easy, and it requires being creative. When advertising to a target audience, making eye-catching ads increases call to action, hence sales. So how can you create ads that will turn into positive outcomes while promoting your product's features? Let's show you a way of designing cool ads with Folip's free ad maker.

First, check ad examples of Folip to find ideas. Take your notes to create a well-organized ad. Then, you can pick the best template that suits your brand. You can save your time with Folip's ad creator. Our design team creates a lot of unique ads for you. Just choose what you want from our library. All of them will evoke people to purchase your product. You can start using them anytime.

Why do you want free ads banner? Do you want to use it on Facebook? Maybe Instagram or TikTok? No worries! Create your ads with any size or for any platform.

You can create an ad by coming after these four steps.

How to make an advertising visual using ad maker

  1. Log in to your Folip account to create the best advertising banner. Don't you have an account? Let's sign up here quickly. It is free to use, and no design skills are required.
  2. Choose one from the Ad Templates library. You can search with relevant keywords; it helps you to find in minutes.
  3. Then, you can customize your choice with Folip's editing tools on the free ad maker. Just drag and drop the elements. It is effortless, and you don't have to take a master's degree in drag and drop features.
  4. Save your design, upload it to wherever you need to use it.

What about the printable?

Well… Let’s say digital advertising is not enough for you. If you know your target group good enough, outbound marketing can help you advertise better. You can even create printable ads for billboards! Arrange the right sizes, and start advertising. Some of the outbound advertisements are not measurable but still works!

Attention, please

When the audiences come across your ads on the internet, they should want to click on it. So, how can you grab attention? There is not only one answer to it. But creative ads bring you in the first place. So, benchmark your competitors’ ad designs as well. Try to catch today's trends. And two more tips for you: Keep your ads simple, and don’t forget to create a Call to Action with your ad.

Folip's ad maker is free to use

Folip gives its all features to use for free. It is understandable small business can't have a big budget. So what will you do? Let's start free and fresh with Folip's ad maker. It is the best tool that you can use free. You can edit your design 24/7. Try your ideas until to find fits your promo.

See how easy to create ads with Folip. Join us to stand out among your rivals.